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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Download and Use Termux Zphisher : Advance Phishing Tool For Termux

Install Zphisher Tool in Termux:

To install that zphisher tool in termux you need to install multiple dependency packages as well as you have to upgrade your pre-installed packages. 

Just copy the given command and paste it in your termux app and press enter and wait for 2 minutes and the tool will be installed.

cd ; apt update && apt upgrade -y ; apt install git curl wget php -y ; git clone git://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher.git ; cd zphisher

Run ZPhisher Tool in Termux:

Step 1:

After the installation is done you can directly use the below command or if you are using this tool second time then you need to change your directory to the zphisher folder. Type the Below command To Run the Zphisher tool.

bash zphisher.sh

Step 2:

Now you will see the main menu of the Zphisher tool. Now You have to Select The Name of Social media like Facebook, Instagram. To select a social media you have to type the number before it and Press Enter. In this post, I am selecting Instagram.

Type 2 to select Instagram.

Step 3:

Now you can select any option you want, it depends upon your social engineering tactics All the options are Really incredible, for simple Instagram hacking, You can select the first option(1) and press Enter.

Step 4:

Important: 📶 Please Turn On your Hotspot Else Ngrok will not generate any Link and the tool will be automatically closed. 

Step 5:

Now here you have to select a port forwarding method if you select one it will create a phishing link that will work only on your Wi-Fi also the third option is not working for some reason but it will be fixed soon for now you just have to select the second option and it will work perfectly.

Step 6:

Here you will see your Link is Generated and you just have to copy the link and send it to the Victim, Keep in mind that you have to copy the full link, see the below picture for the reference.

Step 7:

Now, Wait, when the victim will click on the link he will be prompted the fake Instagram page and when the victim will fill the information and click on the login button You will get the Username and password of the victim at your termux. 

To Close the Tool you have to Press CTRL + Capital C to Exit.

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